Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Wart

Reading Snow White for my little girl last night, and as usual, fascinated yet a bit afraid of the wicked stepmother, she blurted out this question:

MC: How come the witch have an ugly wart on her nose?

What should I say? I was already in the bordeline of dreams. But I struggled to dig into my brain mass and got this answer: 'Oh, the ugly wart is only used to emphasize the difference between good and bad. A witch is almost always associated with someone bad, the wart increases the ugliness. Thus, when kids like you read the book, you would immediately know who the bad ones are, by their appearances.'

When I reviewed my answer upon waking up this morning, I had to kick myself. For it would complicate the issue when she begin reading 'The Beauty and the Beast.' Oh well...

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