Friday, June 8, 2007

The Consequence

Photos : 1- MC getting busy at home 2- IC ready for a swim

Yesterday was a holiday here. Corpus Christi. We already planned to join the barbecue fair from the kids' sports club. But not with my five year old's early morning tantrum.

It only started because she wanted to open the roller blinds in the kitchen during breakfast. We didnt agree because it was simply too warm with the sun shining through. She protested that she cannot see. Which of course is not true as my husband and I managed to prepare the breakfast with the blinds closed, the whole time.

Then she started to rant and scream. As we were already sitting and ready for breakfast, we simply ignored her, after telling her to stop. She continued crying so loud and threatening not to eat. Then the papa asked her if she wanted to miss out on the fair. Still, she wont stop her rantings.

I stressed then than if she wanted to go to the fair, she must stop crying and eat. Or else, we would then grant her sister's request, which is to go swimming. As if she didnt hear anything, she continued with her rage.

I tried once again to make everything clear to her: she stop screaming and we go to the fair and when she wont, then papa and her sister would go alone swimming. Uh-oh, no effect on her tantrums.

Ok. Decision time. She would stay with me at home. And papa would go with her little sister swimming. Right? No. Because papa missed the point again -- he wanted us to go together, swimming. I had to stare him down on that. The point is, we must show our girl the consequence of her action.

It went a little quieter then. She ate. Papa and her little sister got ready. I stayed with her in the kitchen and talked to her. 'Do you remember why you cried in the first place,? that was my first question. She shook her head, no.

So I told her, it was about the blinds. 'You know that you can also ask quietly, right?' my next question. She agreed. 'Then remember to do that next time,' I stated.

And I continued, 'Now we must stay at home. You have to miss on your sports club fair because of your action.' Of course I gave her a hug and I told her I love her. That I am doing this for her own good. The consequence must be followed because she must also learn.

I asked her if she understood, 'she nodded and said yes.' And proceeded to cling to me. Are we so hard on her? I dont know. All I know is we gave her a choice, she knew the consequence. And that was that.

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