Saturday, June 23, 2007

Household Help Hosting

Do we really need a cleaning woman? I am asking this question now, after having at least three different house helps in five years.

My husband used to volunteer to clean the house, but having MC changed that. My husband would rather spend quality time with her, but who would mind the doubling chaos at home? We thought that having a cleaning woman would be our answer.

The first one was a married woman from Turkey. She is still the cleaning woman for my sister in law. She lives near our house, which was a real good point. She works hard, too. Only, she woudnt touch the bathroom and the toilets. My husband would then be spending at least two hours once a week to make the uncleaned parts of the house sparkle.

Then came IC. He absolutely wanted someone who would be taking care of the whole house this time plus, the ironing. We cancelled the service of the first one, but not after making sure that a replacement would be coming in.

This one was recommended by a friend. A married woman from Poland. She's better, as she goes through the whole house systematically. We are satisfied with her ironing, and even spends time to baby sit the kids. They even called her Tita. I dont want to let her go, but health problems made her quit. Or maybe because she's recently acquired a Mercedes Benz? I dont really know, but her driving a luxurious car made me always smile. Imagine, a cleaning woman driving a chedeng? Only in Deutschland.

Before she left, she introduced a married woman from Yugoslavia. Ok, I am desperately in need of a help. The woman is only 18 years old and was in her first quarter of pregnancy. Oh no, I didnt know that when I agreed to meet with her. But since she pleaded on me to help her (her hubby have no regular job and she's got a two year old kid plus another one on the way) -- I accepted her, despite her having no previous experience as a cleaning woman. The main reason I accepted her: I wanted to help her.

Wrong decision. I had to show her all the ropes, again and again. I had to remind her what to do, again and again. I had to clean after her. I had to tidy up after her. Oh, she does a good job babysiting the kids. But I do need a cleaning woman after all. After deliberating for a long time and arguing with my husband (he kept saying I am a softie, which I am, hay!) to give her a chance -- I had to say goodbye to her. I had to agree because my husband presented a strong case against having a cleaning woman who is pregnant. After all, she's dealing with strong cleaning chemicals and she would be running up and down the stairs. Too risky.

But I did give her toys and baby clothes and bottles and whatever they would be needing for a start up baby kit. Plus, in our storeroom, awaiting their next visit -- are more clothes and toys.

For now, awaiting the next household help candidate, my husband and I are trying to fix things up between ourselves. And I notice, cleaning together as a family is more fun. Is this just the novelty of it or what?


Christianne said...

It's good that your family's having fun cleaning the house. Kawawa naman yung Yugoslavian girl - I'm almost 10 years older but my life is so easy compared to hers! Two kids na, plus her hubby sounds like a good-for-nothing.

ScroochChronicles said...

Sosyal naman ng help mo from Poland. Naka-chedeng pa. Kung dito yan, amo ang tawag sa kanya. It's not much different na din dito sa Manila. It's so hard to get good help nowadays. It's easy to find applicants pero mahirap humanap ng maayos.

raqgold said...

hi -- we must enjoy cleaning our house or else the work would not be done :-)

haha - imagine your house help driving in a chedeng, it tickles, right?