Friday, June 15, 2007

The Bird

We buried a baby bird in the garden this week.

The kids' been oggling this tiny bird since last week. It was almost dry when they found it in front of our neighbor's garage.

They kept asking what happened. Papa explained it could have fallen from the nest. This would be impossible as the nearest tree would be across the street. Another theory, it could have fallen when it was being transported by it's mother. This sounds better.

The kids' cant get over it. They visited the bird everyday. Showing it off to everyone who would date to look. Finally, they urged the papa to bury it in the garden. Papa, of course, gave in.

He created a small 'burial ground' in one part of our rose garden then staked a crucifix made from tree branches. The kids laid down some flowers and proceeded to call me, 'mama, you must come and bring some flowers, too.' I did. After that, they said goodbye to the little bird.

The next day, a playmate came. They pounded me with questions about the bird -- and the craziest question was -- 'can we see the little bird again?' What!!!! They already planned to search the 'burial ground' -- holding on to shovels. Of course, I told them that would be impossible. 'That little bird is now in bird heaven. Already a bird angel,' I explained.

They seemed satisfied with my answer and went on to gather snails and beetles.

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