Thursday, June 28, 2007

MC's Growing Up

Photo: MC's bed.

Oh my, my little five year old's growing up.

Here are MC's blaring signs of growing up:

1. During her gymnastics class this week, she told me that I can leave her alone. I dont have to wait nor do I need to come and pick her up. She would walk home together with another classmate from gymnastics. As the gym is only two blocks away from our house, I dont find it a problem.

(Am amazed about her decision, of course, but I let her. But not after talking to the other girl, who's already in second grade, I cant help but instill to the older girl that she must take care of MC because then she would be the oldest (protective mom!). I also informed her gym teachers about it. And I waited outside, straining my neck, of a glimpse of the two girls walking home.)

2. Whenever we are driving home, she would ask to be be dropped off from the corner of our street as she would want to walk home alone. This she's been doing since two months ago.

3. If we are out on a stroll, she would prefer to walk alone on the other direction, meeting us in front of the house, as we proceed on her unchosen path. She's been at it since early this year.

4. This I noticed lately; every morning, she's been folding and hanging her pajamas alone before changing into street clothes every morning.

5. This morning, she woke me up and cheerfully informed me: 'Mama, I woke up at 8 pm (she counted the grandfather clock's gong sounds), made up my bed, went to the toilet, opened the blinds and made some artworks for one hour -- all alone. Mama, it is now 9 am.' Oh, that woke me up real fast! And I rewarded her with a big hug and told her to stand straight so I can see how big she really is now -- she grinned and said 'almost reaching the roof'. This is true, but because we were in the attic that time :-)

My little girl's growing up.

Let's see. Because when we were outside, walking to the train station this morning, we saw a couple of teen-agers cuddling. I noticed that she smiled and averted her gaze. Then I teased her by asking 'do you think you would be cuddling with someone, too?' She didnt answer for a long time and in a very small voice said, 'no.'

I told her I was only teasing her. We started to laugh and cuddled a bit.


Christianne said...

So she's at the stage when she's trying to assert her independence... are boyfriends the next stage? You and hubby will find out soon enough ;-)

raqgold said...

oh no -- not so soon, hahah. pero she's got a really good friend, a boy -- who moved to the US early this year. and now she's been writing loads of letters to him (para naman she can already write!)