Monday, June 4, 2007

Ebay is Okay!

My dream to stay at home and earn might just become a reality.

Ebay is making it easy for me - slowly but surely.

I got addicted with ebay as soon as I got the hang of it. That was early 2004. It was so easy to simply click and bid. The added excitement of not knowing if you would win, got me hooked!

Oh, I stayed online. For hours. For most of the days. Watching my bids. The result? When we got the internet bill for that month, arrgh! I almost fainted! Added to that, I won most of the bids. I was really a crazy clicking fool, those first few days! I needed to make money to compensate.

We changed to a flatrate via a new provider. Now, I can stay online all I want. Yipee.

Afterwards, I attacked our cupboards, cabinets, cellar and the storeroom. Sorted clothes, toys, decors, etc. Dug into my wins at ebay. Then I started selling and reselling items at ebay. (That is, if I am not buying!) I admit, I am still a small chick compared to the others. But hey, my items were always sold, so...

I am satisfied. The storeroom earned space. The house is tidy. I am slowly but surely, earning!


Christianne said...

eBay is soo addicting! My husband tries to control my purchases by not letting me have the password to our Paypal account, hehe. What do you sell? Post the link to your store, para magkaroon ka ng customer from Sweden *wink*

raqgold said...

naku, i only sell here in DL, hirap kasi mag sent ng package sa other countries e, esp since, mahal ang postage!! pero pwede kang sumilip, will let you know!!