Saturday, June 9, 2007

In Darmstadt for Kids' Day - April

Photo: The kids' loots!

On our fourth kids' day this April, we went to Darmstadt. Despite being a Sunday, where usually the shops are closed. Taking advantage of the shopping fever because of Easter, all the shops and restaurants in the city are open. Plus, they have erected adventure stalls to capture the children's attention.

Crazy parents with kids that we are, we joined the thousands. As soon as we jumped out of the bus, the kids saw their thing - the carousel. Off for a ride. Then they run to the plaza, seeing the colorful booths, the play area and the puppet theatre. We stayed enough to make sure we got the right time sked for the puppet theater.

Along the toy shop, they saw some kids being made up (for free), they joined the line. My chance to have a secret shopping spree. I still needed a birthday gift for IC. And a pair of surprise gifts for easter. When I checked the basement of the toy shop, I discovered they have also set up an art table where the kids can design their own jewelry. I dragged my fully made up kids down. They managed to create nice necklaces, one for each. All for free!

Balloons are also being given out for free. We had to discourage the kids as we just commuted. And I am aware that I would be the one carrying them around. The kids jumped in and out of those drop a coin ride -- sometimes droppping a coin, but mostly, just pretending.

Mid afternoon, we headed off to the puppet theatre where the story was about the easter bunny. The ending was the appearance of the mascot easter rabbit with a sackful of gift. Oh, there was chaos when the kids and the parents saw it. Actually, the parents went crazier than the kids! They rushed to it, dragging their poor kids. Good thing it didnt fall down! That would create more chaos with the scattered gifts, arrgh! We waited on the side for fear of being trampled. Our patience were rewarded -- IC got a small wallet with a small hair accessory and MC took home a CD from Witch plus a toy.

Needed a munchy break, we decided to visit Pizza Hut. It was not a good choice coz the place is full, we had to sit at the smoking area which is also near the toilet. But the kids wont budge anymore. So we waited it out. Had pizza, chicken wings, french fries and donuts and loads of coke -- then, home.

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