Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thunderstoms and a Brown-out

Photo: The fire trucks in action.

'We are going to get a thunderstorm tonight,' that was the forecast. No bother. Kids were already too sleepy at eight that night.

Just as the sand man came to them, big drops of rain battered the window pane. I had to run around the house and close most windows. Then, the brown-out. I wouldnt notice it, as it is still light outside, but I happened to glance at our phone charger and the red blinking light was off.

My husband was already in the cellar checking if water is already seeping in -- good thing, it was dry down there. He's got a flashlight ready, too.

We left both terrace doors open, as it was really too hot despite the rain. The carpet got a bit wet because the wind was so strong. That was the least of our problems. Because I also got a glimpse of the garden furnitures and the cushions -- with their covers blown away. Oh yeah, what can we do? Nothing. It felt like an hour or so passed, but that wasnt the case. The brown-out was over in a few minutes, five at least. And the downpour changed into a drizzle after 10 mins.

The kids are still sleeping peacefully. Already in our sleeping attire, my husband and I went out to check the damage done. The garden furnitures are all wet and in shambles. Moisture seeped into the cellar, there's a few centimeter of water in the basement -- and the fire trucks are in the neighborhood!

Apparently, a cellar was flooded. The firemen needed to pump the water out. Across the street, a garage was flooded. They needed to bring three well maintained and well loved motorbikes out. No damages, the young man yelled at our questions. People like us, are out in the street. Mostly in their night attire, ready to bed -- but that didnt stop them for giving a hand. Good to know!

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