Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The News (12 June 2007)

I am an avid noon time news watcher. Maybe because this is the only time that I can really focus on the news as the kids are still in kindergarten.

Anyway, after 30 mins of being caught in the news, I suddenly realized that most of the stories were either crazy or absolutely absurd.

Here are some news samples:

1. Somewhere in the US, a driver rammed into a the wall of a parking lot, a few stories high. The impact was so hard that the car broke through the wall and fell down. It was too late when help came. (I dont know, when freak accidents happen, it happens!)

2. In a small village in Germany, a man was on a suicide mission. He used a poisonous gas to kill himself. The gas seeped through the rest of the apartments inside his building. At least 20 people must be brought to the hospital, including some firemen who responded to the call. (Lesson: Make sure you are killing yourself alone, that is suicide; but killing other people, too? That would be homicide!)

3. In Germany again, a young mom said goodbye to her three toddlers, saying she's just going shopping - and never returned. It turned out that she planned to leave home as the husband discovered some money were missing. Plus, telephone records showed the wife's been calling someone regularly. Now, they are asking her to please come home, that she's missed and loved. (A love story or a comedy? If you are the wife, would you go back? Oh the kids would accept her, no matter what; but the husband, hmmm!)

4. Another local news, a young girl was found dead hanging on a parking lot tree. Her jacket was used as the suicide tool. And the police intially said it could be suicide. Now they are saying, because of the lack of suicide notes, that it could be murder. (Come on, how could someone use her own jacket to hang herself on a parking lot tree? Unless she is an acrobat?)

5. In the US again, a man weighing 200 k was being celebrated as a hero. Why? Because he used to weigh 450 kilos. They celebrated by eating hotdogs and mashed potatoes, within a certain limit, of course. (An inspiration or a media fascination or a public neutralization?)

6. Back to Germany, a little girl was saved from drowning by two brave people. Actually, there were more than 200 people brave enough to look. But to do something? Nope. I dont know if the parents of the little girls are thinking of charging the more than 200 people -- oh yes, you can charge people who run away from a citizen's responsibility of helping other people, esp the girl who is on the brink of death. (I cheer for the heroes, and wish the little girl and her family well -- as for the 200 people -- I hope all of you can sleep well)

7. In the US, Paris Hilton's days in prison. (Poor little rich girl. I pity her but, I dont know...maybe if she'll do garage sale of her things, then I would with her, making halukay!)

The only good news I heard? That there is something developing about Madeleine McCann's disappearance. Maybe it is why I try to concentrate on the news, that one spark of hope that it would indeed be a better day.

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