Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Enjoying the Rain

The start of the summer season, but what's greeting us almost everyday here? Rain! Wet, wet wet!

It is taking longer to wake up, the kids wanted to stay warmly cuddled in bed. And they are becoming too lazy to move, the kids wanted to be driven to and from kindergarten -- even asked for longer tv hours and computer hours! I cant blame them, it is really damping a good mood.

But hey, I used to love the rain (remember, no umbrellas?). But home was then in warm Asia. And I did promise the kids that they would have the chance to play in the rain. Think, think, think.

This morning, I definitely told them, we are going to walk. Despite the rain, yeah. They got their rubber boots and put on their rain coats and went out with umbrellas in the hand. (I've decided to carry their backpacks). MC asked me, 'mama, when we go home from kindergarten, can we step on the puddles?' A positive answer was greeted with cheers.

Then IC started singing and we joined her, waving our umbrellas around. That echoed the mood for the long walk to kindergarten. Even the strong wind that caused our umbrellas to almost fly out of our hands, didnt deter our fun. It only tickled the kids to shrieks of laughter. They didnt even mind being wet (they used to hate walking around wet, or else they would demand for a new set of clothing right there and then)

See, the rain need not always dampen our moods, it also refreshes.

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