Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A Visit to My OB

I would give anything for this day NOT to arrive - a dreaded visit to my OB Gyn. Frauenarzt, roughly translated, the doctor for women.

I am supposed to visit two times every year. But I usually try to confuse my husband with the appointments and ended up mostly going there once a year :-)

My OB Gyn is undoubtly a nice, cool guy. But that doesnt change the fact that he is my OB Gyn.

Oh well, ladies, who would be comfortable holding your butt up so that your private parts could be poked to by a man other than your husband? Who would want to unclasp her bra, spread her blouse open and raise her hands up for someone to feel up your breasts. Yeah, I know. These things must be done for our health. Allegedly precautions taken to check for breast cancer, ovary cancer, and whatever diseases we women could have, malingering our insides.

But who asked us to enjoy them?


Christianne said...

Hmm, come to think of it I've never had a male OB. Dito din, midwives and nurses (almost all of which are female) do preliminary checkups and we're only sent to doctors if they suspect something is wrong. If the healthcare system assigns me one in the future, I would probably ask to be reassigned a female one. Ang arte 'no? :D

raqgold said...

naku, in demand din dito ang female OB kaso mo we were referred to this doctor by my sis in law -- but i have no complaint, he is good plus, his english is flawless, hehe!