Monday, June 18, 2007

Got Pampered Today

Oh, what I meant was, I took a two-hour mama break today. A day it was not, but it feels like it though.

After all, I've been skipping the visit to my facial spa for almost a year now, arggh! Not so terrible, actually. It's just that pampering myself for a few hours once every two months, is always something to look forward to.

No kids. A relaxing music. Storytelling if I wanted to. And I love being massaged and moisturized and peeled and foliated and having my eyebrows plucked in shape (ouch!). I dont know how I got myself talked into plucking my eyebrows in shape. I have not done anything with my eyebrows for 36 years -- and yet, here I am.

I got persuaded because the beautician just kept on gushing about them - 'oh, they are so thick and curves so beautifully, I wish I could have those eyebrows.' Why she needed to pluck them when they are already so beautiful, I dont really know. But I told her to go ahead.

The first time, I almost cried in pain. Yes, there are tears, but hey, for beauty -- anything. Oh well, almost anything. And when I got home, my husband's reaction was 'oh, who are you?' I kicked him. Of course, the pain made him recognize me in a second :-)

Today's appointment almost took a wrong turn, too. I have an 8.30 am appointment. I wanted the kids to get ready. They wont. I asked them to eat their breakfast. They wont. To brush their teeth, uh-oh. To dress up, nope. Good thing my husband is still on a holiday today. He hurried the kids while I hurried to get ready. I called the spa to let them know I am running a bit late.

We could walk, but we decided to take the car. The spa is, after all, located in the next corner only. And the kindergarten is a five minute walk. They dropped me off and I run a few steps to the spa. Hay, I needed to catch my breath. At last, I can relax. And I did.


ScroochChronicles said...

Girl, all Mama's need a break. It's those "2-hr. beauty breaks" that gives us that extra dose of energy to fulfill our motherly duties. Take that break as often as you can. You know you deserve it :)

raqgold said...

thanks, i needed that - guilty pleasures but you are right, we deserve it.