Thursday, June 28, 2007

A Letter of Love and Encouragement

I wrote this letter to two good friends after hearing that they are in the midst of a dire situation - the husband was almost on his death bed and I know that the wife would be needing someone to talk to and both would need more love for them to keep on holding on.

During that time, I felt for them -- because I asked myself, what if I am on their shoes? Thus, emerged this letter. I wanted to know that we are there for them, despite the fact that we cannot be there to hold their hands or to offer a shoulder to cry on. (I did manage to call them a few times.) I hope they wont mind that I am now publishing this letter, because maybe someone, somewhere, could be in need of the same words and thoughts right now. I removed their names to protect their privacy.

January 2007
Dear ___ and ___,
Happy New Year – This must be said despite all the challenges that both of you are facing, because in the end, am sure, it would only get better.

We are sorry to hear about your condition, but we are also appeased by the fact that you are taken cared of, not only medically but also because THE WIFE is by your side. I guess having THE WIFE is enough to heal you, right? Hey, you are a strong man, a man who enjoys life, dear THE HUSBAND, so I am sure you would also be moving around, soon! I can’t wait to hear that you are better. Laugh your way out of the hospital, dear THE HUSBAND. For a man who loves life, and who loves to laugh like you, this would be an easy feat. Especially as you have a woman who loves you so much.
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You are doing well despite this challenge. I am sure that your strenght comes from the fact that you know how THE HUSBAND loves life, and how he loves you so much. These times would just cement your love for each other. And please know that a lot of friends are here for both of you. Despite the distance, please let us know what we can do for you. For now, we are offering prayers and words that we hope could build hope and a better look in the future. More love, more joy, more peace, better health for both of you.
Take care!
With much love and prayers,
P.S. Let us know when you are ready to party. Maybe we can visit you or you can come and visit us.

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