Friday, June 1, 2007

Ang Tabo 2

Ok. We are back to the tabo issue.

My husband told me last night, 'you must teach the kids how to clean after themselves after going to the toilet. '

He was trying to tell me, to slowly start showing them how to use toilet papers instead. I burst into laughter, I cannot help myself.

He was a bit offended but in a second he joined me too. He's been building up courage to ask this question, I know. His concern is with the kids, that they wont be able to cope with using public toilets without me, their tabo mom.

I had to appease him though. Of course the kids know how to clean themselves using toilet papers. We do use public toilets after all. But they prefer that I use the tabo at home because they feel cleaner and fresher afterwards. I woundnt blame them because it is true!


Mommy Chi said...

the tabo issue might be one of the debates facing married couples from two different back grounds.

my sister married a non-filipino guy and they have a 3 year old daughter. since a typical filipino can't survive without a tabo in the bathroom, my sister kinda instilled that notion to my niece and it kinda surprised her that her husband started using the tabo as well, saying that he fills much "refreshed" after during his "thing".

as for using the public toilet, my sister always brings things "gigantic" cup with her as a tabo substitute just in case her daughter needs to use the bathroom.

raqgold said...

hi chi - my husband tried and still trying but he really cant do the tabo thing! basa lahat, hehe! a gigantic cup is a good idea, too, i bring them - for on the road!

purplegirl said...

i, too, never travel without a tabo. my 5-year old (born and raised in the USA) would shout: "Mommy, hugas!" every time he finishes using the toilet. he usually will not use a public toilet because according to him, I can't hugas his pwet in public.