Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No More Batibot?

I didnt know that Batibot, as in Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna and Pong Pagong, are not in pinoy tv's anymore. Hmm, maybe I've heard about some rumors about Batibot closing shop, but I also heard there are some protests about that. I had hoped and banged that Batibot would continue to air. But stumbling on a story today at the, confirmed that Batibot is indeed off the air since 2000.

I didnt know that. After 18 years of providing educational program to the kids? A real pity.

One of the ninangs of IC even sent us materials about Batibot, a package of cassette tapes wherein the characters like Kuya Bodjie are caught forever telling stories and even a box of sing along tapes. That was because I requested for such things. I wanted a DVD but she said that they are not available. I wanted Batibot things because I would like the kids to learn not only the tagalog language, but also, the real pinoy ways.

Now the report is saying that from a high of 70 percent local children's shows in tv, it is now down to an alarming 10 percent. What is happening?

What is more alarming is -- if there's a truth about the pinoy kids missing their sense of being a Filipino just because there is only a dire 10 percent of real local produced kiddie programs. I am hoping that making the kids realize being a real pinoy would not only come out because of watching the television.

I am sure there are other ways to let the kids know about what being pinoy is all about. I am sure it would be delivered by proud pinoy parents to their pinoy kids. Whatever which way, I believe we would know how to be a pinoy -- simply by examining ourselves!

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