Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Harvest

Our backyard veggie garden is starting to bear some harvests. Cocktail tomatoes and garlic are slowly sprouting. While in our small green house, the tomatoes are almost ripe and the chives are still coming. There are two small melons hanging; but the cucumber are being eaten by the snails and the parsley's suddenly dying. We dont really know why!

And in our opa's veggie and fruit garden on the mountains, my husband and kids took a hike in that direction today, and found zucchinis and tomatoes were ready to be plucked. They took them home. Thus, our dinner tonight consisted of; barbecued spareribs with grilled zucchinis spiced with powdered chilli and tomato salad (with chopped onions, salat and olive oil to taste).

But the cherry and the peaches, although still hanging on the trees, were already damaged by the continuous rain. I guess, we cannot expect anymore cherries or peaches on the table. A pity!


ScroochChronicles said...

Nice!! Here in Manila you can only find produce as good as that in the grocery or in the organic market. Galing!!

raqgold said...

hi, you are right, actually, i only started really eating veggies here, dati patikim tikim lang e.