Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I need this time and space to clear my mind of things I consider my frustrations. Here goes:

1. On the principle of killing two birds with one stone -- enjoying something and at the same time, earning a bit. I wanted to monetize my blogs but cannot. Ouch!

2. I wanted to check out wordpress as a possible blog site. I have registered but I cannot log in, grrr! Wrong password, wrong password! Of course not. The thing is, I cannot activate the cookies no matter how many times I click the supposedly right fields. Hay!

3. I am not tech savvy. I cannot add links, nor 'read here's' or edit my html or even download my photo for my blog profile (shocks) - no matter simple the instructions are; even if they came with videos or photos. Ugh!

4. I feel like a sitting duck. I can ask a mile away , call overseas, but still cant find help about tech matters. Quack!

5. I am having bad hair weeks :-( My tresses miss the professional hands but I cant find a salon that would fit my needs re: not so long waits, not too expensive, someone who would understand a hair like mine. (I just got too spoiled having home salon services. Now that we dont have anyone, I am left with a bandana.) Yay!

6. I still need to sell more things in ebay. My dilemma is that I dont know how big the packages would be and how much would they would cost. We need space in the storeroom! Sigh!

Wow, that felt good, having them all out in the open. I am optimistic I would be conquering these frustrations one by one -- either by simply ignoring them and moving on or by finding a way to clear the dust in my brain and push it to learn and to work or by browsing for showbiz news. Sometimes mundane tasks help faster -- by not tickling our brains and just letting it enjoy gliding along. To refresh it!

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