Saturday, June 23, 2007

An Angel Prayer

A high school batchmate shared this Angel prayer which I am now sharing to you...

Hi... I just want to share this prayer to improve your luck and to bring good fortune in your life...

Archangel Raphael, send me the Winds of Change, and hear my plea,
Blow misfortune far from me.
Archangel Michael, send me the Fires of Sun and golden flash,
Burn my misfortune now to ash.
Archangel Gabriel, send me the Cleansing Waters, to flow this day,
And wash my misfortune clean away.
Archangel Uriel, send me a Solid Earth, on you, I call,
To bar my misfortune with your wall,
So that it cannot crawl or creep
Or reach me while I am asleep.
From misfortune, set me free
As I will and so it be!

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