Saturday, June 9, 2007

Nectarine Girls

I dont really know what 'lihi' is in English. The closest description would be a craving or most closely, an obsessive craving for something, not just food, when a woman is pregnant.

My mother craved for 'suha' when she was pregnant with me. But anyway, it was the nectarine fruit for me. For both girls. Mind you, I didnt even know such fruit existed. But when I was pregnant with my first child, I saw this fruit in the market and wanted it.

And obssessed for the next bite. I simply cant get enough of it. Until it reached off season and we cant get it anywhere in the market. During that time, my husband and I didnt even bother to ask for the name of the fruit, haha. Thus, it didnt make it easier to look for it, too. I also craved for Pinoy food, too, but I guess that was simply because I am not home.

Then it was the same palate attraction with my second child. Almost every hour, every day -- only nectarine. What is a nectarine? It looks like a small apple, and is as crispy, too. It tastes like a plum but is not so juice heavy. Nothing so special about it. But it was special for me.

Today, nectarine is a favorite with the kids. And I dont wonder why!

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Christianne said...

Nectarines are yummy, and very nutritious!

I think lihi is just translated as pregnancy cravings?