Thursday, June 21, 2007

Late Nights, A Question

Our tenants celebrated a birthday last night. I am talking about young people here. Thus, the party went on until the wee hours of the morning. It seemed to bother MC. I guess she heard the ruckus outside, as her room is facing our garden, where the tenants and their guests have stationed themselves.

MC: Mama, why is it that they partied so long - from evening until morning?
Mama: They are young people, mein Schatz (my darling). They wanted to enjoy the time spend with their family and friends.
MC: But, dont they need to sleep?
Mama: Oh yes, they do. But they'll do that after all the guests said their goodbyes.
MC: Then it would be morning already.
Mama: You are right. They would sleep during the day because they are tired, too.
MC: Why dont their guests sleep with them?
Mama: Maybe, some of the guests would sleep in but since the house is not so big, most guests would have to go home.

Then I told her that mama and papa used to spend long hours to celebrate, too. But that was when we were younger and we still dont have kids.

Into which she answered:

MC: Oh, then when we are bigger, we can also party all night.
Mama: Yes. Why not?
MC: But then we have to wait until IC is bigger or else she cannot join us.

Her thoughtfulness earned her a big sweet hug from her little sister, who was listening the whole time.

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