Thursday, June 7, 2007

A Tough Question

Most of my kids questions, I have more or less managed to answer considerably. Meaning, the kids are satisfied with the answers. And I am satisfied that I know enough about the subjects to really give out intelligent answers.

I dont want to stumble and get caught with unclear answers that would mean more tough questions are coming. Or worse, I dont want to have no answer at all. Uh-oh, not with the kids. They are smarter than that. I mean, they know that their parents knows all. Right? Hmmm...

So tonight's bedtime question was really a tough one to answer. My five year old, with sleep in her voice still managed to whisper,' Mama, why is it that when I pick my nose, I always get dirt from inside?' Oops, where did that came from. I had to look if I heard it right. I thought she was sleeping already.

She almost caught me this time -- already in the border of dreamland, and still nursing a nagging stomacheache that's been bugging me since noon time today. Whatever. For kids, that's no excuse. She needed an answer.

Kicking sleep out of my brains, I told her, 'Our body is made up of a lot of water. There are fluids coming out. Like when you have a cold, then you get runny nose. That could be the result. Such as the wax from your ears. '

Then I added for effect,' It could also come from the small particles in the air that you breathe in.' Wow! Where did I get that? I just hope I hit most of it right.

Anyway, that tough question cured my ailing stomache and kept me awake. Thus, I am here, blogging about it. Later, I need to browse the web for more explanations. Or do you have one for me?

P.S. I got an answer from amymd - she said i did right, yipee!

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