Sunday, June 10, 2007

38 Candles

Photos: 1- My birthday loots 2- as always, the kids' got 'a little bday' gifts, too 3- MC with my sister in law 4- IC with my in laws 5- the bread basket 6- the garden set up 7- the kids' 8- our dessert, a rhubarb cake, a neighbor's gift 9 - making faces 10 - drawings for mama

As said in my previous blog, I am now 38 years old.

As said, too, in my previous, previous blog, we almost always celebrate our birthdays (me and my husband) away from home.

Uh, but not this time. Loads of reasons -- too many doctor appointments, it is my eldest turn for a week visit in the woods in kindergarten, the weather is not cooperating for camping, etc.

So, we decided to celebrate. By having a barbecue party. Outside. In the garden. With plenty of space.

We are optimistic it would be ok. Although I also prepared something that we could also do inside, just in case! Last week, we had great, sunny weather. Hmm, good! And then by vigilantly checking out the forecast in the web, we are seeing clouds over the horizon. Specifically, on my birthday! I wanted to move the party from dinner to lunch -- as we are sure to get more sun at noon.

Oh, but my husband is an optimist. The day came. My youngest, IC, was already up at 5 am, the eldest, MC, an hour after. Then I got my gifts in bed - three small packages. (Of course I know what they are already, I was with them when they bought them!) But still, I am excited to have them and to use them. What I got are four pieces of addition to my Pandora's bracelet collection. Pandora is like a charm bracelet.

I thanked all of them with noisy hugs and kisses. Then we had breakfast. My hubby took off to get something from the meat shop, for the just in case scenario. Am glad that the sun is shining. But still, we kept on referring to our small weather station.

Around noon, my husband declared that we would do the barbecue. Despite some misgivings, I gave in. We hauled the garden furnitures, the cushions, the swings, the plates and cutleries and glasses, decorated the table. We filled the kids' wadding pool since they are already wearing their bathing suits. We prepared the salad, thawed the meat for barbecue, arranged the starters and mixed the fruit punch.

And we waited. Around 2 pm, it suddenly began to rain. Big drops. We all had to run down to the garden to rescue our party table. I rushed the table garnitures into the cellar while my husband took off with the cushions and the garden umbrellas. Even the kids managed to carry one or two things to dry land.

Oh, it was just a few minutes of shower. The table is wet but it would dry, too. The sun is up again. We did the set up. My husband had the coal burning when my parents in law arrived at four pm. They are one hour early. But it's ok. I just wanted to let the day end without further disaster. I even called my sister in law, urging them to come earlier.

Oma and opa were already sitting comfortably and sipping their drinks in the garden. The kids were playing and then my husband suddenly called 'everybody go up, we need to clear the table fast.' What now? I looked up and what we cannot see from the garden greeted me on our front lawn, black clouds gathering.

I run and grabbed a tray and pilled the dishes and cutleries. The kids gathered up their toys and run inside. My in laws hobbled in with their things and a few glasses. My husband was urgently shoving the grill under the terrace and hopping here and there, with the cushions, with the meat, etc. I was dancing to the same tune but my path was longer as I had to drag food and drinks from the garden up into the house. It was a real chaos but we managed to bring our things to safety before the rain rushed.

Then came my sister in law with her family, consisting of her two grown up daughters and her hubby. It was raining hard then. My poor husband had no choice but to stay down to finish grilling. Oh well, we all took it in stride. After all, we are here to enjoy and be merry. Plus, barbecue with a little rain water as a sauce, that's something different.

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