Monday, June 25, 2007

Home Alone

Photo: 1- my cool reward 2- finished chore

A Sunday, and I am home alone.

I kissed my husband and kids before they went hiking, waving enthusiastically and wishing them a great time. Hay, finally, alone! What to do? Relax with a book, watch tv, take a nap or take a long luxurious bath? Hmm...

But first I need to clear up the breakfast table. I rinsed the plates and utensils and put them into the dishwasher, which I had to turn on as it's already full.

Then I had to tidy up in my kids' room, as they got interrupted from sorting their toys. No more sortings, actually.

Then I picked up the laundry basket (also full) to bring down to the laundry room. Nope, I resisted the call of the washing machine!

I turned on the cassette tape and Side A's Joey filled the air with 'Foolish Heart' (complete with crowd hysteria (Side A Live - The Anniversary Concert). Singing along heartily, I declared, time to groove.

Alright! Then I grabbed the iron board, the iron and the items to be pressed - party time! I let Side A dictate my moves, and loved the cheers of the crowd, -- press, spray, press, spray - hang the clothes, (while singing along) and the rhytmn continues -- feeling ko ang galing ko mag plantsa ba!

After more than an hour, I'm finished with ironing. And I had to interrupt Side A from crooning 'Forever More' - no more for me. (Because of an ironing overdose, even managed to blog about it, huh!) Then a small break, that was the blogging period.

Time to put away the ironed items - which brought me into the kitchen, the dishwasher's finish. Had to clear it up, opening and closing cupboards -- putting the plates and utensils into order. Huh, another break, I think.

Chose the ref this time - a cool break, with ice sticks! Sat myself in the terrace while devouring it in a few seconds. Now what, still silence.

Finally, got to put my feet up and read a book.

(Kids and husband came a few minutes after though!)


ScroochChronicles said...

Side A!! Hahaha!! Fan din ako niyan. As in fan talaga ako nung araw. Nanood pa nga ako ng concert nila. Alam mo ang tanda na ni Joey G.

raqgold said...

naku, di sila tumatanda sa pananaw ko, kasi i only hear them na lang e! i also love the songs of rick segreto, haha!!