Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hurtful Words

Kindergarten is closed for two days, starting today. Thus, I've asked a friend to bring her daughter to play with the girls.

This morning, expecting to stay longer in bed, we cuddled and played and giggled together -- warm in our pajamas. Then the phone rings, MC's playmate from kindergarten called, asking if they can play together. Giving the phone to MC to decide, I reminded her that another friend is also coming later this afternoon. Of course she excitedly said yes, nodding that she would be back by noontime.

After a hurried cereals with milk and joghurt for breakfast -- MC's playmate rang the doorbell. And off they go. Fast forward --- at noontime. With her sister, we walked to MC's playmate's house to pick her up. But as soon as she saw us, her smile grew into a frown and she yelled, 'I dont want to play with ____ (the name of the other girl). I have already played a lot and I am already tired,' she continued.

I told her that what's she's saying is not good. After telling her to calm down, I asked her to pack her things and that we'll talk at home. All along, she kept on repeating that she dont want to play anymore.

Arriving home, I then told her that she was saying hurtful words. And asked, 'Would you also want to hear that your friends dont want to play with you anymore?' She shook her head and said no.

'Then you should also not say those words,' I stressed. She looked at me and nodded, with her big eyes.

As I am writing this, they are happily running around in the garden.


ScroochChronicles said...

You know how kids are..galit-bati. That's exactly the way I would've handled it. Actually, ganyan din yun playgroup ng kids ko.

Anonymous said...

Good thing she understood!

Btw, you're tagged. Check my "What Were You Thinking" post.

raqgold said...

s - i always pray that i would always have the right responses to her hurtful words, hirap ano?

m - yes, good thing! i've posted my response to your tag.