Tuesday, June 19, 2007

My Grocery List

I must go the grocery store. I needed to fill our dwindling supplies.

Should I use the car or walk? The sunshine gave me the answer - a walk. I am not really fond of driving! But walking, exercise is always good.

My initial list goes like this:

Liquid bath soap for my husband
Bubble bath soap for my husband
Liquid bath soap for the kids
Olive oil
Gouda Cheese
Joghurt for the kids
Maultaschen - a German version of ravioli

I dont want to buy so much as I would be walking, and that would mean a 10 min walk, plus I am taking note of the heavy package back. I dont want to be dragging myself home or killing my back.

Anyway, I shopped, I paid, I walked home.

In the end, here's what's in my shopping bag:

Liquid bath soap for my husband
Liquid bath soap for the kids
Olive oil
Gouda Cheese
Joghurt for the kids
Camembert Cheese
Bio Biscuit

Let's see. I crossed out eggs, maultaschen and toast because I recall seeing them in our basement ref; I kicked the bubble bath out because they only have it in a big container (heavy!).

I got the bio biscuit because the kids love it. The Pringles because I love it. I've added Bacon and Nectarine because we all love them.

Here's something curious though -- for my husband's liquid soap, I chose something that has joghurt mixed with berries. Remember, this is a bath soap, huh! I hope the bees wont hunt him down :-) As for the kids, I got them a bath soap that reeks with almond oil, aloe vera and 1/3 lotion.

Oh, I could have bought more. Who could resist the Italian biscuits on a discount? Or the new fruit joghurts. And a nice pair of slippers or the lingeries on sale? I had to, my bag is full and my shoulder is aching.


Anonymous said...

now, now, that is a good tip--walking plus a list. but that is, only if the grocery store is within walking distance, unlike the supermarkets here in manila which are located in a mall.

and gosh! to think that i do groceries for a large household!

raqgold said...

oh, i am one ahead of you kasi sa manila ang bahay namin is also near the palengke :-) but with a large household, not recommended, unless you bring the whole brood!