Friday, June 29, 2007

Yesterday's Long Day

Photos: 1- the bank's kids' corner 2- Papa's office 3- getting busy 4- at the cafe 5- in front of the dry fountain

Since the kindergarten was still closed yesterday, I had to bring the kids with me to Darmstadt where I am scheduled to get vaccinated. Thus, instead of an urgent doctor's visit, it became another fiesta on the road.

I was rushing the kids so we can be on the 10.49 am train, I really thought we could make it, not without solving a big problem first -- MC cannot find the right jeans to wear! She had to try on at least five pair of jeans, before finally ending up with the first pair of jeans she had tried on. Oh well!

Managing to clamber up the 11:53 am train, both girls proceeded to raid my bag to search for snacks. My mama bag didnt disappoint. I had brought with me some cereal balls and a bottle of lime water. They munched freely until our stop, around 35 minutes later, at the Hauptbahnhof (main station).

As soon as they saw the bakeries, they lined up for a pretzel each. I had a laugenstange (pretzel stick). The pretzel they divided into two - one shared between the two of them and the other one for the doves. We then rode the bus going to the city.

And what greeted us as soon as we climbed out the bus? A big carousel, more kiddie rides, candy stalls, souvenir shops, clowns, music -- opps, my husband didnt tell me that there would be a big fiesta in the city today. The kids', of course, lapped up the party atmosphere, while my shopping list became longer! Because city fest means the stores are all offering bargains, too. Yum!

For a change, the kids agreed to visit their papa in the bank first. We reached the bank and the kids shot off, when I got to them, they already discovered the kid's corner. When papa came, we then gamely went up to his office floor. (Time to show off the family, huh)

The kids started asking for papers and pens. I got to finally sit down and relax. But not for long, as I promised McDonalds for lunch today. Papa joined us in the arcade, but only to pay for our lunch. He jokingly asked me if he should cancel my cards before I started my buying spree again, haha! I told him no need for I'd shop faster than he can say 'cancel.' He knows me well, mein schatz.

Therefore, to try if the cards were not cancelled -- I bugged the kids to let me shop a bit. We went to Orsay, I wanted to check if I can use the 5 euro gift certificate I got as a birthday gift. On bargain items, no way. On buying 'not' sale articles? Big no way for me. Off to Esprit (while the kids are agreeable). Clogs are on sale, more than half the original price. But no more on my size, sigh! And I saw a red raincoat (another bargain item), but the only size left is not mine. Another sigh!

Decided to drag the kids next door to Zara; here I found bargain shopping paradise. I started digging and searching like crazy, and the kids started playing tags like crazy, too. I cant have it all :-) Before the kids get hurt, as they are almost taking over the place, I took three items and gave them my card. Card is ok!

Then went to the Thalia bookstore, where the kids got to play hide and seek on the kid's corner. I played with my Palm to kill time. Then a little before 3 pm, we had to meet the papa again. It is time for my shot. We walked to the meeting place, where a large carousel stands. Had to let the kids ride, of course. They wanted to catch the strolling clowns, too, but it rained. Good thing we are still within the carousel ground.

When papa came, it was not raining anymore. We walked to the doctor's clinic, got my shot and the papa left us again with a bit of cash in front of a cafe (oh I have money, but when he is generous, why not?). IC got ice cream, MC a cheese cake and I got a joghurt cake - and we shared a bottle of coke.

After the snack break, we went back to the shopping area. The kids had to buy hair bands and they got DVDs each (on sale for 1.99 euro). Then we scoured the toy area before a toilet break. And I discovered with glee, that the kids's corner in the department store where we are is right in front of a hair salon. Yipee!

I got the kids busy with pens and papers (they are also sitting in front of a tv) and went inside the salon. It is really my day, because I dont have to wait to be serviced. I told the kids where I would be sitting, just in case. (I am actually sitting facing them.) The frisuer looked, touched and examined my hair. Would I want it so short, would I need the basic wash and cut, etc. I told her that I leave it to her better judgement as long as it would be 'wash and wear.'

Wash, shampoo, wash, massage - then cut. Wow, it looks better. Another question, do I want to blow dry my hair alone or should she do it? I told her, to do it and to show me how to style it. That I chose not do blow dry my hair costed me 8 euro more, oh so it is here in Deutschland.

She gave me a tip: a hair gel serves only to dry our hair, so she used a styling cream. Aha, I didnt know that. I paid, but opps, one more question -- do I want to buy the styling cream that she used on my hair? Hmm, okay, I agreed. I dont know why I said that, when my first reaction was 'what for?' I calculated the styling cream would cost me only around 5-6 euro more (it was 9.30 euro). I got my cash out and handed out 40 euro with tip. And here, I was planning on spending only at least 20 euro for a hair cut!

Anyway, the kids approved. We left the department store as the kids wanted to play with the doves outside. Instead, they chose to play in front of a dry fountain while waiting for the Thai restaurant to open. Yes, it is already dinner time.

We met papa in the Thai restaurant, had a great dinner and walked to retrieve our car and drove home. Really, yesterday's a long day. Kakapagod, hay!

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