Monday, June 4, 2007

What's in My Bag?

I finally gave my big mama bag a break. I took time yesterday to clear and clean it. Actually, it was slowly getting to heavy for me. So, I decided to check why. I remember that I bought it in Manila last year (I love Philippine products!).

It took a few minutes of picking and shaking before the said bag was empty. And here are the reasons why:

4 packs of wet tissues (including one from our last year's visit to the Emerald Garden in Ermita)
5 pieces restaurant napkins
1 piece of sanitary pad
1 pack of face blotter (the last time I used this was during my Bangkok working days)
1 small box of band aid
1 used bus ticket
6 pieces of candies (including a Wrigleys bubblegum from Pinas)
1 aloe propolis lotion
2 pairs of kiddie sunglasses
2 huts
2 newly finished iron leaves made by the local blacksmith
2 candy wrappers
1 broken screw from my hubby's pair of sunglasses
2 hotel pens coming from different worlds (one from Bangkok, one from France)
2 kiddie summer dresses
1 kiddie undie
1 wallet
1 handy phone
2 pairs of used kiddie socks
5 tissue packs, all opened
1 empty etui
3 hair accessories
3 brochures
1 mini kiddie book
1 notebook
1 pack tomatoe ketchup
5 pieces of rice waffles (the two choco flavored already sticky and all melted, yikkks)
1 digital camera
1 small stone (this was a souvenir taken by one of the kids from our trip in Austria early this year)
some soil and sand from visits to playgrounds and parks all over

I cant believe how I accumulated so much. And never once noticed. (Hmm, maybe the weight!) You would think I would learn from this? Of course not, that is why we have big mama bags. To have enough space for more :-) Just in case, most of the things went back in the bag again!


Christianne said...

LOL, may undies tsaka socks pa talaga. At ang daming pagkain. What is an etui?

Naku Annika has started taking souvenirs from playgrounds too... looks like my bag will start containing soil and rocks in the near future!

Knock said...

What !!! I think you change your bag and use the one that got wheel.


Anonymous said...

natawa naman ako sa contents of your bag. I call mine the "Mary Poppins" bag - you never know what will pop out of it! LOL
So you're in Germany pala. I have a Filipina blogger friend there who was my schoolmate. :) Blogging reunited us!

Unknown said...

keng, para saan ung iron leaves? am curious! - taris

raqgold said...

christianne - be ready for anything, haha. it's summer, so my kids are now busy collecting bugs, too - baka next time...yaay! an etui is a case, like pencil case or sunglasses case...

khun benjie - maybe you are right, hahaha!

chateau/imom - the description fits :-) blogging is ready cool no?

taris - those leaves were gifts to the kids done by the blacksmiths that day, kse we went to a country fair...souvenirs baga!

Anonymous said...

sobrang funny naman blog mo at naka -relate ako dyan ha. aside from my collection of bag. may collection din ako ng mga tissue,papers,receipt etc. like u...sabi nga ng asawa ko everytime we go to a party kc nananalo kami ng anak ko sa game na bring me. kc super dami talga ng nakalagay dun na hindi ko namamalayan....he he he. that's the advantage of having a bag na madaming laman. winner lagi sa bring me game .:)

i guess it's time for u to really have a new, big & nice bag. and start checking once in awhile ang laman. baka may tumubo na lang dyan sa loob ng bag mo...gudluck sa tin!

Anonymous said...

Nahiya ako bigla sa laman ng bag ko, Te Kenks! Ang damiiii!!!! Hehehe!

Naimagine ko nga, paano nga kaya kapag Mami na rin ako? Hmm?