Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Different Visit

As we planned to eat in a restaurant which would open at 5 pm, we have enough time for a different visit. We decided to visit the great grandpa and great grandma, on my mom in laws' side. We walked to the cemetery a few blocks away from the festival (read my previous blog).

We have no difficulty finding Adam Burkhardt (1899-1955) and Marie Schaefer (1901-1977). We asked each of the kids to get watering cans and fill them with water. They hurried to do the task and despite being heavy, lugged the watering cans to the intended gravestone -- their great grandpa and great grandma. They watered the plants, said hello and then waved goodbye, bringing back their watering cans to the right place.

Cemeteries are an intriguing place for me. I love to go around and check out the names, the dates, and the inscriptions; short messages of love and a bit of history are always a food for thought to me. Some bring me even to tears. Weird, huh!

Anyway, what really caught my attention in this cemetery is that -- there are a lot of engraved names on the gravestones in which only the date of birth is done. Meaning, those persons are still alive. Yet, whatever made them agree to have their names already engraved? I dont know but I would like to know why they did it. I would like to ask them. It is curious, right?

Even this blog is weirding me out, so I better move on. Gabi na rin e, hehe!

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