Saturday, June 9, 2007

My Weird Side

I got tagged by greymom (thanks !) to write about my weird side. Read along:

1. I love chocolates but I totally hate chocolate ice cream.

2. I not only write down what I think are good lines from songs and movies, but also from books.

3. Most of the times, I get allergies (rashes) due to exposure to the extreme heat of the sun!

4. I get mushy and cry over mom and kids stories, when someone says 'i love you' to me, when i read 'chicken soup for the soul books.'

5. I once took the identity of a friend (with permission) to meet her phone pal on a dare. (I would be blogging about that soon!)

6. I once took a midnight stroll with a close friend along the breakwater wearing our 'new shades.'

7. I introduced myself and asked for a guy's name and number in the middle of a basketball match on a money dare. Oh, I earned a lot that time :-)

8. I love dancing with the transvestites in Bangkok and Pattaya. (oops, am i going to the extreme here?)

9. I drove for more than an hour with a friend to her ex-bf's house to leave a message and a gift of a pack of stork and hang it on the gate. (Just for fun!)

10. Played truant a lot of times, by driving to Tagaytay instead of working.

12. More than twice hopped with a girl friend on a bus going to Baguio without anything with us for an overnight stay. (We got good bargains in the market, though)

13. It is excitement overload when I bid at ebay and when I haggle while bargain hunting.

14. I am wild about second hand books, second hand stores, second hand anything.

15. I love giving playful bites on my kids' po!

16. I love ghost rides but hates ferris wheels, carousel, etc. coz it makes me a non human after a round.

17. I hide the receipts of my shopping purchases from my husband although all the bills are addressed to him :-)

18. I still get nervous whenever I thought of driving. (I do drive, but for necessity and not for the fun of it.)

19. More than once skipped morning classes in the university because we drove to Bulacan to eat 'tokneneng' for breakfast.

20. Almost plunked a university oral test because we went instead to a fiesta in Bulacan.

P.S. Hay, dami pang iba. And I am still earning more weird points...

I am tagging taris, ani h. , christianne, windsor, and everyone who passed through this blog...


Christianne said...

Ay, I did this meme last week, I think. But I can of course come up with more weird things, haha. Give me a few days :)

raqgold said...

oh, no problem - i'll just take a peek in your blog!! but if you are sure you can come up with more...then go ahead!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for participating, Raq! We do have a lot of weirdness we share. You're more adventurous than I am, though.
Thanks again!