Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My Sexy Mom Points

Here's for all the sexy moms... (in support of the original sexy mom who's blogging at The D Spot)

I believe that being a sexy mom not only focuses on one's physical attributes, but it is just another modern mom's sweet disposition. Thus, I feel sexier when:

1. The kids admire my clothes.
2. My oldest daughter protested about my decision to sell a pair of boots to ebay because as she said, 'she would like to wear them when she's bigger.'
3. My husband smiles at me across a crowded room.
4. The kids run into my arms when I pick them up in kindergarten.
5. My husband gives me 'hello' and 'goodbye' kisses.
6. The kids give me a big hug and a peck on the cheek, unexpectedly.
7. I get a call or an SMS or an email from my husband.
8. The kids hold my hands. My husband hold my hands.
9. My husband calls me 'Mein Schatz'.
10. The kids call me 'mamawah'
11. My husband calls me 'mamawah'
12. The kids eyes search for me when they are busy playing.
13. My husband cooks and cleans for me.
14. The kids tidy up their room without being urged.
15. I get flowers for special occasions.
16. I receive flowers for no special reasons at all.
17. The kids need the 'tabo' mama to wash.
18. I hear 'I love you's being thrown to me.
19. My husband buys me clothes too sexy for me :-)
20. My husband says I dont need to smear anything on my face coz I am already pretty (ehem)
21. And especially when the kids think that I can always cure their hurts!

At marami pang iba. What would be your sexy mom points? Come on, let the people know what it takes to be a sexy mom.

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