Friday, June 22, 2007


The 'sternen gruppe' (stars group) in kindergarten, in which IC is a member, planned a get together picnic in one of the sprawling playgrounds near our place for this week. Simply to enjoy nature and have a little musical program. I had to give up my favorite transportation - my feet - as I deem it too far away, my husband had to drive us to the said playground a day before, to show me the way. I've never been there, and I wanted to scan the parking area. (Parking is always a problem.)

The day came. The forecast: a bit rain at noon. We left an hour earlier. I wanted a nice parking space wherein I can really maneauver our car. (These narrows streets). The sun stayed, though. We spread our picnic blankets. We wanted to avoided stains by skipping the wild berry trees -- but we ended up under the yellow plum tree, which once in a while kicks out it's small bombs on our heads! Oh well, at least the kids got busy collecting them, either by munching on them or by filling up containers with them.

Our tummies were also happy. We pooled together the snacks - mostly homemade muffins, biscuits, breads, sticks of carrots and cucumber, and a surprise - ice sticks. Our contribution were mini doughnuts and rice waffles. And the kindergarten teachers brought a case of mineral water with them. We chatted and mingled and binged. The kids stuffed themselves full, but with all the running around, it's no problem.

And then the musical, about a family of beetles. At first, IC wont join. She actually didnt join the practice. But since her sister, MC wanted to join, her interest was tickled. The moms and the teachers got to sing, the kids got to dance. It was fun and so cute.

Oh, moms got to dance, too. By singing the butterfly song - which involves a lot of dancing and twirling, weeee!

We had to go a bit earlier, as eating too much, IC decided she must go to the toilet! She slept on our way home, though. Arriving home, I left her in the car where she woke up around 30 mins later, dancing the popular steps of people who needs to go and fast. Oh, she made it to the toilet in time. Buti naman :-)

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