Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Bike

(My almost unbiked bike is standing next to the small training bike)

I have a bike
My bike is black

It was a gift
for my 36th

Biking I have missed for 20 years
The thought nearly brought me in tears

The fear is there
But I must conquer

Because the kids
On their bikes await

Should I stay
Or should I sway

Sway I did
Fear I had

Swaying, swaying
Finally stopping

I used the break
But I had my trek

Right in front of me
I found the trees

Awah, ouch
Ouch, awah
(Aray ko po)

I looked around
Nobody behind

Luck or

Dont wanna ride
who want's my bike?

P.S. My hubby's still pushing me to go biking, but he seems not to understand that I'd rather walk! Hmmp.

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