Friday, June 22, 2007

My Temper 2

My kids' version, as told to my husband.

As we didnt get to talk before he left for a meeting last night, I waited up for him. When he saw me still up, he had all smiles. And then he burst out laughing. Then I remembered, he was with the kids for a few minutes later today. I guess, he already know what happened!

MC announced that she pinched IC and that IC pinched her back. And that I banged the catsup on the table, and it spattered into the ceiling. Then I got angry.

IC then insisted that papa should clean up the mess. MC shushed her up and emphasized, 'mama already wiped it off.'

That was all. The kids' version. It lacks chronology, but that's their story. And then I mentioned to him that the kids wanted a new mama. Oh, that made my husband's day. He was really chuckling so loud, like I gave him the joke of the day!

Oh, I had a good laugh too. After all, without any prodding on their part, the kids gave me sweet words -- 'I love you very much' when I brought them in bed. I guess, Mama is forgiven.

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