Saturday, June 16, 2007


Arriving home from a playmate's house, 5 year old MC pestered me with the following question:

MC: Mama, did you know that Emilie (her friend) is allowed to do things in her room that I am not allowed to do here?
Mama: Oh yes, like what?
MC: She can bring all the branches and sticks that she's collected during her visit to the woods inside her room.
Mama: Hmm, what else?
MC: She can eat candies inside, too. Even though they are sweet and sticky.
Mama: Ok. Let's see, if you want the things from the woods inside your room, are you prepared to wake up with bugs crawling all over you?
MC: (No answer)
Mama: And if you want to eat candies inside your room, is it okay for the ants to join you in bed?
MC: (Still no answer)

I kept on prodding for more but she simply ignored me. I guess, I have my answer, huh!

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