Wednesday, June 6, 2007

In Weinheim

It is a planned stop. Though I really wanted to go alone. But hey, I wont enjoy McDo alone, nor the bus ride. So, I waited until I picked the kids up in kindergarten. Then off we go to Weinheim.

Let the pictures do the talking now.

1. The bus ride. The kids were a bit bored, I guess, more tired than bored.

2. To wake them up, ice cream. Joghurt for the youngest, chocolate for the eldest. I have my usual, vanilla ice cream. Actually, I avoid agreeing to chocolate ice cream most of the time, because of the ugly spots they leave on clothes. Plus, I dont really like choco ice cream :-) And I know I would be licking the rest!

3. A favorite stop for both me and the kids. The hippo ride in front of an optic shop. Why? The kids can ride as much as they can. The rides are free. Simply ask the optic shop people for a token and there you go. Tip: You just need to read the small lines on a sticker pasted where the tokens go. Most moms just ask their kids to move along without even checking it out. Think how much tantrums you can save if you just take time to read! Oh, ask and say thank you nicely, too.

4. Our purpose. We came to Weinheim to buy tickets for a special show on Pippi Longstockings. It would be a surprise for the kids. While waiting for my turn, the kids found the kiddie corner. And got busy! I am really glad that most of the establishments here in Germany, have a kiddie corner, even the meat shops and the bakeries!

5. 'Love ko 'to - At McDonalds. I dont know, but reading the new slogan of McDo in many languages made me crave for more. Maybe because the tagalog slogan is displayed proudly for me to read. Or maybe it simply jumps out of the cup because the words express Pinas and all that it means to me. Whatever the cause, and the Happy Meal surprise, 'love ko talaga to!

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