Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Red Currant and Cherries

(Photos: 1- Red currant in her hand. 2 - a close up. 3 - cherry tree climbers 4- plucking away)

We have no more fruits in the ref nor in pantry. How about checking the cherry trees? Yipeee! Too tired to hike, we drove.

Both cherry trees are blooming with the red fruit. Papa dont even need the ladder. He just need to snatch up a branch and he'll get a handful. And he's got his little monkeys to pluck the rest.

A surprise was the red currant, they were also ripe. And I got to pick a basketfull of strawberries, too.

We filled ourselves up before our baskets. Enough said.

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Mommy Chi said...

this past week, i've been craving for cherries to the point that i told my sister to buy me $10 worth of cherries (which is a lot) from the grocery. i kinda dip them in salt.. just like our typical duhat in the philippines.. :)