Saturday, June 30, 2007

Angel Meditation

Here is an Angel Meditation shared by Audrey.

You may ask someone to read for you while you do the meditations or record your own voice. Use this meditation to refresh your mind and body. Have fun!

1. Start by taking a deep breath.
2. In your mind's eye, visualize that angels have placed a large basket in front of you. The angels stand beside the basket, and they ask you to put anything that is bothering you inside of it.
3. See and feel yourself placing all worries you may have about money, career, home or possessions into the basket.
4. Next put any concerns you have about your body and health.
5. Then, place any conflict you've had with anyone into it. Follow this with any feelings of hurt you have had in any relationship.
6. Put any guilt. Put everything in.
7. Then place any fears that you may have about your future.
8. Take any hurt feelings, anger or resistance that you may have.
9. If there's anything else bothering you, please place them into the basket now. Hold nothing back. Put everything in.
10. Notice how light your soul and body feel now.
11. Watch as the angels smile at you as they fly-away carrying the basket. They take all your worries and your fears and bring them back to the Heaven. Here, all of your challenges are worked out perfectly by God, Jesus Christ and the angels.
12. Give thanks to God, Jesus Christ and the angels for this help. From now on, accept their help knowing that you deserve it.
13. Give yourself a big smile and know that you are being loved and protected by the holy angels.

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