Saturday, June 23, 2007

French Fries

French fries tastes better in Mcdo, or not? Not with my husband, at least. He would rather buy the potatoes, do the ritual of washing, cutting, frying and salting them himself.

He would never be a fastfood guy, my man. Oh, I admit, it tastes better, not so fatty. As long as he's the one doing it, I am giving him the thumbs up. As for me, I have the frozen thing in the freezer. Just in case.

Apropos -- the opa once chidded me on letting the kids enjoy what he calls one of the 'American silliness'. He's insisting eating fast food means feeding the body with killer fats -- 'these are not good for the kids'.

In which I jokingly said,'hmm, maybe, but look at me. Am I fat?' That made him stop.

Confirmed is: I've been stuffing myself with fast food since as long I can remember.

Confirmed is: I would be stuffing myself further, but in moderation this time.

I know it is fattening, but enjoying it as a treat once in a while, is good, too. I think.

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