Wednesday, June 6, 2007

My Fault ?

We were all busy doing our things in the same corner of the room. I was clearing my desk. The kids were supposed to be playing peacefully together. Then an ear-splitting scream pierced the air, only a few inches from my left ear. Ouch! I lost my hearing for a few seconds there. But I had to attend to the kids. What was that, I asked them?

The eldest run as fast as a bullet and as far away from me and her sister as possible. Aha, the guilty one. And the youngest was clutching her thigh, crying with big fat tears flowing. 'Ate pinched me.' She showed me two red angry marks. They were already turning black and blue.

I dabbed a bit of lotion over them before calling the Ate to my side. I asked her why she pinched her sister like that. And she said, 'Mama, look at my fingernails. It is your fault, you should have cut them short first.' Ganun!

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