Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mama, Watch Out!

Summer time. The kids decided that it is time to start bug watching. And be more hands on -- to expand their bug collections .

Although I am not an enthusiastic bug watcher, I am letting the kids have their fun. I even bought them each, two magnifying glasses with built in containers. The rule are: catch them, observe them and then let them go after a time.

I picked them up from kindergarten with the new containers in my hand. Of course, they dont want it empty, they wanted something in it. The first 'victim', a fire colored beetle (red and black). It escaped their hands and crawled into the streets, so they let it go.

And then I saw two fire colored beetled and pointed it out to them.

MC: Mama, you are not supposed to catch them.
Mama: Why not?
MC: Because they are making a baby.
Mama: (I dont know if I blushed) Hmmm, (pa cool effect daw)
MC: You have to be very careful and observe them, especially when there are two of them together. That means, they are making a baby!
Mama: Okay (what else can I say?)

Where the heck do they get this conclusion?

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