Monday, June 11, 2007

Sunday Outing (A story in photos)

Before noon, with papa busy at home, the kids' and I marched off with their baby strollers.

Walking along and trying to decide where to go. To the library first as mama wanted to take care of something there, and then maybe to the train station to buy the promised sweets, and a stop at the playground.

It was our first time to enter the public library. I talked about donating books and cant resist asking if they have English books, too. Negative. We toured the library. We all got library cards. The kids took a long time to decide which books, DVDs and table games to borrow. MC cannot resist the pony book and a mouse DVD. IC pushed me to look for a Pippi Longstockings book which took a few minutes to find! Anyway, we went out happy with our choices.

We must pause here as they wanted to check if kindergarten is closed. Plus, they wanted to avoid the big dog being washed a few doors away. They are afraid of dogs!

At the playground. I almost didnt agree to go in because it rained last night and the sand would be wet, but what can I do? First stop, the swing.

And then the tower.

And then the spider web seat.

Pushing the baby strollers, time to go home.

Do you want to me to push your baby stroller? They asked each other.

Here are the items on my library card.

Here's mine!

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