Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nice Thoughts

I strongly believe that there should always be balance between bad and good things. I wrote about my frustrations and now I am ticking on the nice things.

1. I got an extra day off from car pooling! Three days in a week are always filled with the kids' extra curricular activities. But I managed to trim it down to two! Mondays are gymnastics and Tuesdays are ballet for both. It used to be that Wednesday's are gymnastics training for my three year old. We went together for a try out in another level yesterday and she's accepted. Although I have a feeling I would be joining the class for at least another three sessions before she's be comfortable enough to be left alone. Exercises for me, too. Yipee!

2. My husband asked me 'why is it that you did not take a photo of me doing garden work? I want to be blogged, too.' Wow, I didnt realize I have a fan at home. Gardening is a hobby for him and it's his pride and joy when everything is trimmed and cut to perfection. Anyway, does his statement means I wont hear complaints about hogging the computer? Gee!

3. Getting to know other Pinoy mom bloggers. It is good to know that I am not alone in my thoughts about motherhood, raising kids, homemaking, blogging, etc. It is also nice to be discussing contrasting ideas. After all, we are all different strokes for different folks, right? Right!

4. I am happy to remain a stay at home mom. A former colleague in the hotel industry traced my cell number and we got to chat. She's working with a high end resort developer and she mentioned that she might fly to Europe soon to find some agents. I thought, should I give it a go? I am pleasantly surprised with the excitement I felt, I had to laugh. But for six years, I just focused on motherhood. The challenge is good but staying with my growing up kids are better. Next!

5. I have my guitar lessons to look forward to. I wanted to learn how to play the guitar for so long now, but havent had the time, the money, the resources - I dont even have a guitar! I bought one two years ago but I have not found a guitar teacher who speaks and understands enough English for us to really learn to play together. Sheesh!

6. I volunteered to teach beginner's English course to pre-schoolers in my kids' kindergarten. The lesson is once every week, for 45 mins each. I have two groups of 8 kids. I am enjoying it. But most of all, the kids are enjoying the lessons. Everytime they see me, they always greet me in English. Nice.

Just so you know that I am now wallowing in my streak of frustration because I have a rainbow of nice thoughts, too.


Anonymous said...

i do admire you and your hubby. you chose to be SAHM and hubby seems to take responsibility in terms of the financial. being a SAHM more than compensates for whatever income you would earn. it is all a matter of priority, in being good with what we do and taking responsibility of our decisions and actions. the volunteer work is also a fulfilling task.

one of these days, will i see hubby's pictures while gardening?

raqgold said...

hi sexymom - you bet, you'll be seeing his pictures. i just hope he wont pose like his kid, hehe. thanks for the encouragement :-)