Friday, June 8, 2007

Friendly Neighborhood

Our next door neighbor are a sweet old childless pair. Thus, they babied my kids. Always ready with sweets for just because and more sweets for special occasions. They sometimes help me water our garden, watering the plants. Or simply looking out for our place when we are on a vacation. Plus, they always have a ready smile for us. The ultimate friendly neighbor.

The old lady relies mostly on her husband for most things. He is her walking stick. He shops, drives for her. Every Friday is off to the beauty parlor for her. But not this Friday. Because her husband was brought to the hospital this Monday, after a bad fall. We are thinking, it could be a heart attack that caused the fall.

Prior to that, a week before, I already noticed that her husband is already getting weak, paler than usual. Instead of sitting on the bike, he just pushes the bike to move around. Using it like a walking stick. So I told him that I wouldnt mind buying bread for them. (I almost always meet him at the bakery every morning). He said thank you but he can still do it alone.

And now? His wife is alone. Once in a while, helped by her husband's brother and the bro's wife. But how long? They are also not so young anymore. The old lady lost her ready smile, because it was replaced by ready tears. Hearing all these discussions going around, my five year old suddenly told me.'Mama, I can help by watering their garden.'

What a sweet thought. Then I told her we can offer our help but, 'Just make sure you always have a ready smile for our neighbor, because I am sure she needs those, too.'

'Oh mama, we can also ask her if she still have some sweets for us,' she added. Ow, is this a friendly neighbor thought or what :-)

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