Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Escaping the Sandman

Who said we are sleepy, we are not! This is the tough stance of my kids during sleeping time.

MC would begin to move faster, like a tornado, and would create chaos and dramatics so that she wont fall asleep. Like dancing or running here and there or playing rough or being simply makulit. A sudden burst of adrenaline to escape dreamland. Enough to sustain her for another hour or so.

IC takes it on a different sense, through her sense of taste. When she's all but ready to tumble into the hands of the sand man, she would begin asking for a little something to eat. A bonbon. And then it would grow into fruits. And then she would say she's so very, very hungry -- she would sit in the kitchen waiting to be served something big. When this is not so effective, she would complain of a stomachache. In which I always reply, 'then go to the toilet.' These words she would ignore, of course. When she would finally acknowledge that all is nought, a drink of either water or her favorite lemon water would suffice. This technique earns here another 30 mins waking time.

Meanwhile, my husband and I are catching each other's eyes and trying to hide our grins. Because we know, we are again going through the long process of catching sleep.

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