Monday, June 25, 2007

Walking Yes, Hiking? Hmmm...

This is always a bone of contention between me and my husband -- that I do love to walk, instead of driving; and yet with hiking, I always find excuses.

Looking into it, I am really not so sure why.

I can shop and carry a ton of grocery home, no problem. But hiking up and down hills or mountains, with both hands swinging free -- doesnt feel the same.

I bring the kids to kindergarten, we walk. We visit oma and opa which would involve going up a steep hill, we still walk. But hiking to opa's veggie and fruit garden on the mountain, I detest, despite using the same path, although longer.

Maybe because my idyll hiking is finding a rest stop in the middle of nowhere - a restaurant - to drink, to eat or even just an ice cream stall. Ala-Pinas baga. Because after that rough exercise, I'd expect that. A restaurant we cannot find here in the woods - you'll find a huge hut with a picnic area, or a playground, even benches on surprisingly, seemingly unwalked paths. But no restos!

Isnt it obvious now why I favor walking? Because I can steer my feet anywhere -- either to window shop or have my bags filled with surprises or simply to munch along the way.

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