Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mini Ballet Recital

The kids' ballet classes presented a mini ballet recital today. IC, at first so excited, didnt join in. She wont even change into her ballet dress. Basta ayaw nya lang. Oh well, forcing her would not do anything and tantrums are verboten --so we let her be. IC participated as an audience. Here are the first group of 3-5 years old, showing off playtime ballet. Oh boy, they had a fun time. Despite being distracted by having people around, they danced with enthusiasm though sometimes showing off ended into shrieks of pain and protests, as limbs collided. That simply added cuteness flavor to their recital, though.

And the next group of 5-7 years old, trying very hard to keep in rhytmn and in formation and to keep up with what's left and what's right; the hand, the feet, the toes and the fingers and oh, heads up, shoulders straight, etc. Well, they are doing good - getting better! Learning a bit of French, too. The ballet dancers of the future, hehe!

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