Friday, June 29, 2007

Where is the cheese?

We were invited to my in laws for lunch today. I picked up the kids earlier than usual from kindergarten as my in laws would want to be sitting on the table when the clock strikes twelve noon. We were trudging up the road to my in laws when we saw the opa already waiting for us in front of the gate. (You guess right, it was already 12:15)

Oma is once again serving her favorite recipe: noodle with tomato sauce (spaghetti actually). This is a top hit not only with the kids, but for the whole family, yes, including me. Everything was ready - the table was set, the sauce is cooked, the noodles' al dente -- but, where is the cheese? Opa searched and searched, opening cupboards, cabinets, the freezer, the ref, etc. He even looked in the garbage bins, nothing. I helped by going around the house and trying to follow oma's footsteps, even in the bathroom and the toilet. Nothing.

Where is the cheese? I surmised, the oma may have eaten it or have already mixed it within the sauce. But we cannot even find the plastic wrapper. Anyway, we ate and got off the table, still wondering where the cheese is. Opa took another turn in finding the cheese, but with no success.

Time to wash the dishes. Opa and the kids were playing outside. The plates were piled the used pots and pans gathered. Then oma took off one of the pan's lid, and lo and behold -- the cheese was lying in there. Oh, we both had a good laugh. Oma laughingly leaned on the window and told the opa her discovery.

He laughed louder when he heard that the cheese is back. I dont know, how did we miss it? Imagine, we looked for almost 30 minutes for that pack of cheese. Only to find it a few minutes after finishing our lunch. Lesson learned: Spaghetti is also good without cheese :-)


ScroochChronicles said...

You know this reminds of the time when our maid mistakenly put some cheese in our bathroom cabinet. Akala niya sabon. And it was blue cheese!! Galing ano :)

raqgold said...

hahaha - e kasi naman di kasi masarap amoy ng blue cheese e! buti you rescued the cheese in time!