Thursday, May 31, 2007

On Breastfeeding

I believe in breastfeeding. Thus, I have to write this.

I saw one mom in kindergarten last week. She just gave birth, a few days ago. Her breast was so full, as if it would burst with milk. Then I happily told her, 'Oh, it's good. You have a lot of milk to give.'

And then she said, not with regret mind you, but with a full smile,' Oh, I dont breastfeed. I dont have time to take care of a 4-year old kid and then breastfeed a baby at the same time!' Ganon!

My surprise rendered me speechless for a moment. I felt sad. I was so disappointed. That poor baby. I had to take my leave early so as not to howl in grief and shake that mom. Or squeeze her milk out of her.

There are plenty of moms who wanted to breastfeed but cannot. And here she is, breast full of milk and she simply wont. Because she dont have time. Time!!! As my husband always says 'if you dont have time for your kids, then why did you have them at all?'

She is still lucky as she's got her mom who's house is just in front of their door step. And she's got both her in laws living with them. What else does she want? She's got help! I didnt have those warm bodies to help me when I was breastfeeding. And I have two daughters.

Babies get hungry every three hours. In between those times, you can always choose to express milk, then refrigerate or freeze it. When refrigerated, breastmilk can stay fresh for three days. When frozen, until three months. Meaning, you dont always have to be there to give mom's milk.

It is healthier. It is better. I dont need really to discuss the advantages of breastfeeding to the babies and to the moms, right? Basta! When it is good for the babies, I am for it.

I breastfed my eldest daughter until she was 18 months old. I only stopped because I was already three months pregnant with my second. It was not easy to eat for three, I tell you.

My second daughter clung longer on my breasts. She was around 32 months when she finally stopped. Actually, I still wanted her to drink until I am all dried up. That was also her pedia's advice. But we had to slowly wean her as she must start in kindergarten.

So moms, when you can, and it would not be a threat to your health, please breastfeed!


Anonymous said...

breastfeeding is good, my son is 16 months, my breast is not so full but the more he nurse the more i get milk. But it was very good, he is not sckly, he is a smart boy and happy. I will continue breastfeed as much as he wants except maybe when after two, becasue he was a big boy, hahaha.

raqgold said...

hi melody, just do it! it is really bonding time kapag breastfeeding time. sarap pa naman ng smell ng babies, di ba?