Thursday, May 24, 2007

No More Birthdays for Ma and Pa

Okay, since June is birthday month for me and my husband, we are already planning.

We are planning where to go. It has been an unwritten tradition. We are usually not at home during our birthdays.

It is practical, too. Since our birthdays are only four days apart, then a short trip would do. I know. It would also be practical to celebrate together. But going out as a family is a priority this time because the kids are still kids. And the vacation time from school is not yet a factor. So we take advantage. We drive. Then, we camp out. Roughing it out a bit may not be may idea of a celebration. But why not? I don't have to do household chores. And that counts more!

And then only, can we really celebrate at home. But not with Isabela's approval, I think.

In one of these discussions, she simply butted in and declared, 'Mamas and Papas do not have birthdays anymore!' Oh, and why, I asked her?

'You are already big enough. If you have more birthdays, then you would grow bigger,' she almost cried out. Aha. As if her Mama can grow taller, haha! What she really wanted was that, we stay as we are so that they, the kids, can outgrow us.

We had to compromise or else, we cannot move on with our plans. So the peaceful result? Michaela can celebrate for Mama's day and Isabela can stand in for Papa's day.

If that could also be true with aging, hay!!!

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