Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friseur Test

Almost everyday is a hair challenge when you have two growing up girls.

With my three years old, she can be easily appeased. As her favorite hair style mirrors her favorite character, Pippi - with her two pony tails.

But with my eldest, at five years old, it is becoming a big hurdle for me. It is always a big discussion. More than not, ending in tears (my girl) and in frustration (me). Or the reverse!!

Michaela's letting her hair grow (she hasnt had a hair cut for more than a year now). And she's got locks, too. It is really not easy to just let her hair down.

Every morning, the question would be, what style would you want? And the answering question would be 'would we need huts/caps today?' Not so easy, right?

Thus, we deviced a call card for the styles - Ate Chacha is named after their cousin, and that would mean a bundle of hair tied behind; Roxana involves a bunch of hair tied in front (named after seeing their playmate wearing that style). Pippi is as explained. Pony can be divided into two categories Pony Down - meaning done so low and Pony Up, done so high. With locks, then I would add locks. Braided? Then braids. Only Hair Band, would involve just combing the hair as they would put on theri hair bands alone. Such is also with Only Hair Clips.

A bit easier now perhaps? Not yet. Because my five year old has discovered a way to really give me more headache. She would want to have her hair done, before putting on her tops (t-shirts, blouses, etc.)! I mean, can you imagine the result?

We just agreed to a hair style, found the right accessories, combed the hair, the style is done and then she would put on her t-shirt? Edi gulo ulit. Do you think we would redo the whole process again. Uh-oh, no more.

Because almost always, she's dressing up alone. I would be waiting at the door, ready to go! Pabilisan lang, hehe!

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